Our lives are filled with “HAVE TO’S”.  We Have To work, pay bills, clean the house, etc.  Do we also have some “GET TO’S”?  Get To’s are the things we look forward to throughout our day, week, month, or year.  Everyone’s Get To’s are different, but we need to have balance between our “Have To’s” and “Get To’s” so that we do not burn out in the monotony of life and obligations.

Come work with Andy to set up some goals for your life and what you want to Get To do! We have a great team of collaborators to help you realize your fitness and lifestyle Get To’s.

We have weekly group fitness classes with instructors specializing in everything from Yoga and Martial Art to Ballet and Ballroom Dancing.

Contact our studio for more details and to schedule your consultation.  We look forward to working with you and having some fun!

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Join us on Saturdays for our Yoga/Body Conditioning Group Class starting at 9 AM.  $15 Per Person.  


Come in work out clothes, bring a yoga matt, and come have fun with Andy or one of our instructors getting in shape and ready to dance!

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Lifestyle, Fitness, and Goal Setting

International Latin Technique

Competition Prep

$50 per session by appointment only

Meet Our Team Of Instructors and Collaborators

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